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About Us

The I Have IIH Foundation is a Patient Support and Advocacy Charity, dedicated to enhancing the lives of people living with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. We provide free information, practical help and resources.
We also support the health professionals involved with this condition. We raise awareness for this rare disease and the people who live with this debilitating condition. The I Have IIH Foundation operates throughout the country.

We originally began as a support group called IIH Kindred Spirits in 2007, but then realised there was so much stigma about having IIH, that we should simply be called I Have IIH to make a positive statement about having this disease and to raise awareness, so we were renamed in 2009. We added Foundation to the name when we became a charity in 2012. The reason for adding Foundation, is because that is what we are providing, a foundation on which to build by empowering people with IIH, with information, counselling, advice and resources. We know the financial impact IIH can have on families so want to help where we can to alleviate those financial worries.

Our logo represents: Blue for integrity/perseverance, Green for endurance/positivity and Yellow for optimism/challenge representing men women and families.


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