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Unfortunately we are unable to provide this service at this time. We are continually fundraising to have adequate funds to give much needed grants to people and their families living with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. 

Why is grant giving needed for people living with IIH?

There are many reasons why grant giving is needed for sufferers of IIH. It can take a long time for a diagnosis to be made, as doctors concentrate on the separate symptoms, rather than the symptoms as a collective, This can often result in depression and/or anxiety for the person with IIH. by the time they are diagnosed. They then have to deal with their diagnosis and side effects from the medication prescribed.

If the person is employed before or even after diagnosis, the odds are they have had a lot of time off work, due to the symptoms of IIH, or the effects of the medication. As the condition is not as well known as other neurological conditions, they can often be misunderstood and feel isolated. In many cases they are no longer able to work, or even lose their employment. If they are the main provider, this can affect the whole family, and  there is little in the way of immediate financial help, when times are tough. We know the impact this can have, especially if there are children.

We want to help with;

Financial Aid

By providing grant giving, the I Have IIH Foundation, can help alleviate the stress and worry, if your IIH or the IIH of someone in your family is causing financial difficulties and you are on a low income, we may be able to help with the cost of an outstanding domestic bill such as gas, electricity or water,or heating costs. We could even help if your IIH has caused you to need any visual or hearing aids 

Travel Costs

If you can't recover any travel costs from the hospital you attend, we could help you with the cost if the hospital you are attending is a long way from your home,


We may be able to make a contribution towards the cost of university or college fees where appropriate, or help with the cost of books and/or equipment needed to help you.

Legal costs

We could help you with legal costs if you have to consult with a solicitor for employment or medical issues.

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